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ATSI designs, engineers, and installs enterprise grade technology solutions. These solutions will serve to enhance and protect your operations.

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ATSI will seamlessly integrate our core technology platforms with your business security and operations. You’ll have a highly trained team of solution experts, armed with the most advanced technology. Our solutions are highly customizable to fit any industry, any need, and any budget. ATSI's mission is not to upsell, but to educate, consult, and provide a cost-effective solution.

Innovative Solutions

We deploy enterprise low voltage equipment from the most reputable manufacturers. We ensure that your business is protected and optimized by the latest technology.

Decades of Experience

Our technicians have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes protect their operations, keep their personnel safe, and monitor their assets.

Nationwide Coverage

Our nationwide capability ensures that we have a qualified professional in your area to integrate your technology solution.

Free On-Site Inspections & Assessments

At ATSI, we believe in educating and consulting consumers before selling to them. We have successfully implemented projects large, medium, and small across the country. We also understand that when the scope of work requires it, an on-site consultation is needed.

At no charge to you, ATSI will perform a fully comprehensive on-site assessment of your needs and demonstrate our capability. This assessment will enable us to establish the needs, requirements, expectations, and scope with you, the customer. When you trust ATSI with your technology needs, rest assured that we will listen to your input and feedback.

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Our Solutions

We engineer low voltage technology solutions that monitor your business, improve your loss prevention programs, deter theft and crime, keep your employees safe, and protect your company from liability claims.

Our video surveillance solutions employ high resolution IP cameras in key positions throughout your location. These strategic placements ensure that your high risk areas are being monitored with clear resolution and maximized coverage angles.

Properly implementing an electronic access control system on your property lets you control, track, and manage who has access to your facility and where they can go while on your property.

From a parking garage to a multi-lane highway, our LPR systems can record, track, and catalog every license plate that passes through their field of view even in the harshest of lighting and weather conditions.

Your network infrastructure is the backbone of your operations. Our structured cable technicians are certified to handle your Ethernet and fiber optic cabling needs to ensure your network runs efficiently.

Video management software is a powerful tool that enhances your security operations with a robust suite of video monitoring and analytics features that help detect, classify, and track people or objects.

Automating your surveillance system allows you to protect your business around the clock by setting up criteria based alerts and enabling features like people / object tracking, motion detection, and more.

Intercom systems are a versatile tool to provide clear and direct communication to a large number of rooms at one time or speak to an individual at a remote location on your company's property.

An unreliable network can handicap your company's daily operation. ATSI can implement, maintain, and optimize your IT and network infrastructure to ensure uptime, fast speeds, and easy scaling.

Our certified network technicians will run and drop cables where needed to ensure that your business has the coverage it needs to facilitate its daily operations.

No matter what your needs are, our solutions experts have extensive experience designing custom technology solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


We've designed and implemented custom technology solutions for some of the biggest brands in the most demanding industries and tailored them to solve their unique set of business objectives and security challenges.


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